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We were presented an opportunity to pilot the Ministry of Future platform within a secondary school.  The aim was to create our own experience, using the platform, but also extending it out into the classroom, school and wider community,  so that we could demonstrate what is possible.  The target group were year 7 students who are in their first year at ‘big school’ and still hold on to dreams of what they want to be when they are older.

For the pilot we created the MoF Audition story.  This was a four week experience that would require the 180 year 7 students to work in teams of 5/6.   We wanted to create a story and an experience that would celebrate all types of skills and contribution, from those that are academically bright, to those that are more creative, to those that have an entrepreneurial streak. In the future, all of these skills are needed and more.

The softer skills training started straight away too.  Each team would be self organised and could select to complete any one of the 41 challenges presented, as long as they reached the total number of points needed to pass the Audition.  The challenges were split into ones that could be completed during form time, ones that could be completed within class time and then special challenges that were during break time or after school.

To kick start the experience, the 180 students were invited into a special assembly where the video above was played.  After this, the students were put into their teams, encouraged to log into the MoF Secure system (the portal) and left to begin the challenges.

MoF assets

As well as the digital experience, students could also win special ‘bonus cards’ that contained points that would go towards their teams total. These cards were handed out to reward specific behaviours and softer skills. Finally, each team member was given a lanyard that already contained points and all they had to do was make sure they did not loose them.

During the Audition there were a further three videos, featuring our characters, which were used to maintain motivation and congratulate the teams on the effort to date.

Our ambition would be to continue the Audition story and roll out further experiences that would follow the same group of students from Year 7 all the way through to Year 11.

As described in a previous post, the portal would also enable other experiences to be created and published that could cover any range of subjects, topics and narrative, bringing the real world of work and careers closer to the students as they develop.