About Us

Connected Thought like to create playful and joyful experiences that blend the physical world of people and space with the interactive world of digital. We want to encourage people to explore, discover, laugh, share and in some cases, be spontaneous.

We believe that a real ‘experience’ requires the designer to evoke a real ‘feeling’ from the target audience.  If that audience participate in something that unfolds around their physical location, maybe involving places and people they know, the experience is more likely to create a positive feeling and memory, which they are more likely to share. This is especially true if that experience felt personal and was designed to deliver the odd surprise or two. None of this is new, but digital technology has provided us an ‘extra creative layer’ that means we can now have some serious fun.

We base our work on five pillars, which are:

  • Technology
  • Story-telling
  • Game mechanics
  • Design
  • Live events

Our team are very experienced and we use a wide variety of skilled freelancers when needed.  This blog will provide updates, examples and just random thoughts, so please feel free to contribute or get in touch for a chat.

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