Building the Ministry of Future

Posted: March 22, 2013 in Ministry of Future

MoF Experience Portal

The Ministry of Future digital platform has been designed to facilitate multiple experiences that can be based upon a particular topic, subject or narrative.  These experiences can last for one day, four weeks or the whole school year.  Each experience has the following features:

  • an invitation code so that the school can control how many students can access it at any one time
  • it will require students to work in teams or individually to solve puzzles, complete tasks or attend specific events.  The main purpose of our design is to blend and merge the physical experience of the classroom , school and local community, with the interactive experience of the digital world.
  • the number and nature of the tasks and challenges can vary.  Tasks can require the students to complete online quizzes, puzzles or games, they can be designed to compliment subjects and classes, requiring the participants to upload work;  or they can be specific events that require the students to attend a location and complete set challenges.  In each case the students must provide evidence that they have completed the task in order to get the rewards.
  • rewards can include points (leaderboard), badges (status), tangible prizes or media files.

When we were designing the platform we were very conscious that the Teacher is very busy and we need to ensure the technology can take away a lot of the management time.  The platform therefore allows Teachers to view all evidence and award extra points for creativity etc.  They can add new tasks and change live experiences and view management information based on activity.

We said in a previous post that we also wanted to compliment academic studies.  We wanted to design a solution that would enable schools to run one of the MoF experiences at anytime of the school year and decide how long it would last.  Instead of being a continual activity that runs throughout the year, that can lead to boredom, our approach enables schools to run rich and interactive experiences for two weeks, four weeks or even one day.

All of this is very ‘techie’, but how does it bring industry closer to schools?  How does it enable us to provide context to learning?  And, how does it help develop the softer skills young adults need to develop?

The opportunity

Imagine a single portal that could unlock a multitude of rich, interactive, real-world experiences, each tackling different aspects of industry, skills requirements or jobs.  One could be designed to tackle the engineering sector where the video provides background to what it is like to work within the sector, before the presenter (maybe James Dyson) begins asking the students to complete challenges.  The challenges could be integrated into subject time or they could be after-school activity.  The students could work in teams to complete multiple tasks or one single task.  The teachers would be able to access support packs that explain how to reward students and what skills the industry would want to encourage and why.  The whole thing could be created and packaged centrally and then delivered to all schools digitally.   With this platform, we could have experiences that tackle every subject and job, from nursing to writing; from plumbing to working in the banking sector.  Each would be managed by a unique invite code and can be designed to be as simple or complex as needed.  Each can target different year groups or even academic ability.  The flexibility is there.

Video Summary

We recently put a little video together to explain the potential to a group of investors and thought it might be useful to post it on our blog too.  If you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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